Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network bring Toonami back to Latin America

Cartoon Network and the company Crunchyroll, focused on anime content, announced the return of Toonami to Latin America, a segment that features the best Asian anime content on the channel, starting on Monday, August 31st, from Monday to Friday at midnight. As officially reported by Cartoon Network, the agreement will last for one year and aims to bring iconic anime content to a new generation of fans.

‘The Cartoon Network team has been an incredible partner in helping us grow our love for anime, and their ‘Toonami’ segment has been the main TV destination for the anime community’, said Brady McCollum, EVP at Crunchyroll Inc. ‘By empowering the return of Toonami to Latin America with curated series by Crunchyroll, we know that we will attract even more fans of this content that we love’, the executive completed.

According to Cartoon Network, in the initial step, Toonami will feature ‘Dragon Ball Super’ and ‘Mob Psycho 100’, which will be available in Spanish and Portuguese for anime fans throughout the region.

‘We are very excited to have Toonami back in partnership with a number one in the industry like Crunchyroll’, said Pablo Zuccarino, SVP and GM Kids Latin America at Turner. ‘In our successful history, anime has been part of our DNA and, thanks to this partnership, we are bringing a careful selection of content to a whole new generation of fans’, he added.

Days ago, as reported by the specialized website The Information, AT&T would have started negotiations with Sony Pictures Entertainment for the sale of Crunchyroll, for USD 1.5 billion. Up to now, neither company has expressed itself on the transaction.