Cotel to offer a free cable TV subscription for those who report piracy connections

The La Paz Telecommunications Cooperative (Cotel) announced it will offer its cable TV package for free for one year for those who report clandestine connections, which, according to the Bolivian newspaper La Razon, they reach 250 thousand at present, and affect the company’s economic incomes.

‘We offer a free annual subscription for those who report us clandestine connections’, said Fernando Dips, the company’s General Manager. When explaining the measure in detail, Dips said that ‘first of all, we will forgive all those subscribers who have, on a direct or indirect way, acquired the cable TV service making these uses, and we will give them a 30-day free period. They can come to the company and report ‘I have had this benefit, I have been making this mistake, but I regret it and, from now on, I want to subscribe’, the executive explained.   

Those who accept Cotel’s policies and decide to subscribe to its cable TV offer will have a catalog of HD channels on all TV sets where they want, apart from other benefits that the company will provide.