Cotel relaunches its pay TV offer

Bolivian Telecommunications Cooperative’s (COTEL) General Manager, Fernando Dips, informed that the company will make changes in its pay TV offers, starting next June 1st.

One of the most outstanding news is that all the company’s pay TV content catalog will be available in HD. In addition, it was reported that customers already subscribed will have access to the content in high definition, without the need to pay any additional cost. The offer will be available in more than one TV set per home, and it will not be necessary to use STBs to access them.

Lips also explained that subscribers to the A pay TV package, which has 163 TV channels (81 analog and 82 digital), will be all available in HD from June, directly, and the company informed it will not apply additional costs. Package B subscribers will also enjoy the same benefit. Between both plans Cotel records 45 thousand subscribers and, according to the company, its intention is that the 180 thousand customers can  access to HD digital TV. Cotel also reported that from July it will include internet access. According to Dips, the service will reach each home through the same cable through which customers receive telephony and HD digital TV.