Cotas starts making trials for its new IPTV offer and plans to launch it in September

Bolivian Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones Santa Cruz (Cotas) has announced the launch of its new pay TV offer via IPTV. According to information reported on the website of the Bolivian newspaper ‘El Deber’ and others, the company expects to launch its new offering in September. This way, Cotas will gradually migrate its TV offer to the new system, in a process that has already begun its technical trials.

As reported by El Deber, the technical trials to migrate Cotas’s cable TV offer to IPTV continue, and will include changes in some of the channels available on the traditional offer. Likewise, the IPTV offer will be suitable for both smart TVs and traditional TV sets, through an IPTV device that Cotas will soon provide its subscribers.

‘The change is in line with the new global trend of the pay TV business that, progressively, is changing its technological matrix towards the internet, taking into account that viewer’s consumption habits are no longer the same and that there is a change in the behavior of watching TV’, they reported from Cotas.

Rolando Barja, Director of Coaxial Networks at Cotas, is one of the confirmed speakers for the coming Nextv Series South America’s virtual edition, to be held by Dataxis. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd,  both days starting at 9:00 AM (ART). Registration is now open, and can be done here.