Costa Rica implements analog blackout’s first stage today

Costa Rica is starting its first stage of the analog blackout implementation, which will take place in a staggered way according to what the country’s Science, Technology and Telecommunications Ministry reported (MiCiTT). DTT migration’s first step will be concluded by August 15th, in which channels 2 to 69 will we available on digital network, although some of them are not active.

Luis Salazar, Costa Rican Science, Technology and Telecommunications Minister, explained that the migration is made under the Japanese-Brazilian format ISDBT-Tb, and will be developed in two stages. In the firstone, which is taking place today, the analog blackout takes place in the territory covered by telecommunications towers broadcasts located at the Irazú Volcano National Park. This region covers almost 80% of the population, according to data from the Costa Rican Statistics and Census National Institute  (INEC). By August 14th, 2020, the second stage will be implemented in the so-called Region 2, which covers the rest of the country.

Juan Luis Bermúdez Madriz, which works at the Costa Rican Social Assistance Mixed Institute (IMAS), reported that almost 1,700 STBs were granted to low-income families to migrate to DTT. Bermudez said that initially about 13,000 families throughout the country would have support to implement the analog blackout, but only 9,000 of them would be covered in this first stage. The rest will be covered on August 14th  next year.