Costa Rica advances in analog blackout’s implementation this year

According to Luis Adrián Salazar, head of Costa Rican Science, Technology and Telecommunications Ministry (MiCiTT), the country shows a significant advance to develop the analog blackout, which will take place this year, despite some inconveniences that the country is having. ‘We could be 75% advanced with that project. No one will be disconnected or remove the right for people to be informed’, said Salazar. Analogic blackout estimated date is next  August 14th.

Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado Quesada’s Administration ordered different operators to make the change from analogue to digital network this year. For this reason, according to Salazar, the MiCiTT is strengthening the digital TV commission, where different actors involved are located. In addition, he explained that it is still necessary to solve where to relocate the three towers installed in the Irazú Volcano to broadcast the digital signal to the entire Costa Rican territory, which were about to fall due to landslides that took place in the massif after a series of earthquakes. By early 2018, there were 13 operators with towers in the risk area, which had the transfer to be done.

Another problem mentioned by Salazar to carry out the analog blackout in Costa Rica are permissions for the adjustments that make transition to digital TV possible.  MiCiTT is committed with a publicity campaign together with Costa Rican Social Aid Mixed Institute to deliver the corresponding converter to the entire population, regardless  the TV set they have.