Cooperative in the town of Córdoba, Argentina, grows thanks to its own OTT

COOPMORTEROS, a cooperative in the same name town in the Argentine province of Córdoba, changed the way of watching television on its subscriber network. Two years after launching Sensa, its own streaming platform that allows customers to watch live television and access an On Demand catalogue from any device, the service continues to grow because “more and more people want to be able to choose when and how to view the content ”, according to Agustín Boschetto, member of the COOPMORTEROS user service area.

In addition to being able to enter the global OTT market and offer its users a more innovative experience, the cooperative found the opportunity to offer the app together with a superior Internet service, an offer with which they gained a good number of subscribers.

Regarding the profile of his audience, Boschetto mentioned that the reports made by Sensa revealed that the majority of their subscribers use the platform to consume live sports broadcasts. And on the other hand, he also explained that the app became an opportunity for “those families who have children studying in other towns, since the platform allows access from several devices with the same password“.