Conmebol selects Irdeto for online piracy detection and brand protection services

Conmebol has selected Irdeto to provide services that will protect its brand and combat piracy of live football matches. Conmebol gives licenses to several operators and broadcasters worldwide for tournaments such as the Conmebol Libertadores, Conmebol Sudamericana, Conmebol Copa America and Conmebol Recopa, and will continue to ensure that the investment in these licenses and the content is protected, with support from Irdeto Online Piracy Detection and Cyber Services. 

As part of the commitment, Irdeto will monitor all matches, including the final of the Copa Libertadores. The partnership aims to address the challenge of online distribution piracy, one of the biggest threats to content owners, broadcasters and operators. Irdeto will also provide band protection monitoring and services. 

‘As one of FIFA’s six continental confederations, responsible for the organization and governance of South American football’s major international tournaments, both the Conmebol brand and live football content are extremely valuable and must be protected’, said Bengt Jonsson, SVP of Sales & Services, Irdeto. ‘The confederation understands the importance of combining cutting edge technology with proactive services to ensure that illegal content streams are taken down quickly, so substantial license investments are not devalued and consumers are not exposed to the dangers that come from illegal content sources and illegitimate brand infringements’, he added.

Offered as a key solution in the Irdeto 360 Security suite, Irdeto Online Piracy Detection and Cyber Services provide rapid detection and enforcement to safeguard valuable content. Irdeto’s team of multi-discipline specialists and its proven methodology has a successful track record in rapidly identifying brand infringement, content theft, disrupting piracy and leveraging its established networks to track down cybercriminals, pirates and their supply chains.