Conmebol ends TV contract with Datisa


The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) decided to end its sponsorship and re-broadcasting contract with Datisa for the 2019 and 2023 editions of the Copa América, one of international soccer’s most famous tournaments. Conmebol said that ended the deal, which was signed in 2013, due to “acts of corruption” related to Fifa-Gate scandal.

Datisa had carried out the contract for the 2015 Cup but in the 2016 competition, due to the FIFA-Gate, Conmebol removed it the licenses, for that year, due to the Fifa-Gate. Now, the confederation did the same for the other two editions of the tournament.

This way, Conmebol will launch soon tender the television and sponsorship rights for the next two continental competitions. In 2019, the tournament will be played in Brazil and in 2023 in Ecuador.

Since I became President, the new Conmebol has been engaged in a series of legal actions to break ties with the old traps and begin a new era of open and professional marketing that generates more value for South American soccer.” Among these efforts, Conmebol has been demanding that Datisa returns the sponsorship and TV rights that they acquired through acts of corruption,” explained the President of the Confederation, Alejandro Domínguez in a press release.

“These gentlemen have admitted to the American Justice that they paid bribes to former officials of the confederation so that Datisa could obtain the rights owned by Conmebol.” However, in an absurd and desperate attempt to continue profiting from rights that were obtained illegally and corrupt, Datisa and its shareholders insist on hiding behind a corporate veil,” Dominguez added. Datisa is a company formed by Traffic Sports of Brazil and Torneos (Torneos y Competencias) and Full Play of Argentina.