Conmebol and Applicaster launch official American Cup 2019’s app

Focused on reaching as many fans as possible and having all the information in a single place, the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) and Applicaster are working together to launch an American Cup 2019’s application and an official website. The competition will begin next June 14th in Brazil, and, into the most important contents, there will be news, videos, statistics and complementary content, such as the teams alignment, matches calendar and  places where each one will be developed.

‘The CONMEBOL’s American Cup is the oldest competition in the world. It has made the whole continent vibrate for more than 100 years and we are very excited that this year we will be able to reach all South American football fans through different platforms’, said Hugo Figueredo, CONMEBOL Club Competitions Director. From Applicaster they have also expressed themselves on the project through Patrick Stuart, Senior Director of Sports, ‘At Applicaster we are very proud to support CONMEBOL with one of the most complete and disruptive applications we have seen in support of an international tournament. We are very happy to see the excitement that it will produce into fans’, he said.

 Some of the app’s main features will be the personalized configuration, by which those who enter the platform will be able to select the topics that most interest them to follow during the sports competition, such as their teams and favorite players, goals, penalties or the beginning and end of each game. In addition, the application will be synchronized with a live statistics provider, who will update the latest football news of each participating team. The application will also keep the records of each match of the competition until it ends.