Conatel delays new TV channels opening in Paraguay

The Head of the Paraguayan National Telecommunications Commision (Conatel), Eng. Juan Carlos Duarte Dure, explained that the Paraguayan regulator has seven regional TV channels available on the VHF system, and is not distributing them. It is also unknown if a public tender can be made during this year. The TV channels will be available at the UHF system once the analog blackout takes place in the country, where it was recently postponed

According to Duarte Dure, there will be three digital channels available for each analog channel, but its allocation will be delayed two years more due to the new date for the DTT migration in Paraguay.

In mid-August, Conatel decided to put the analog blackout off.  It was initially scheduled for December 2020 and was postponed to the same month 2021, and then it was delayed until 2024, by areas or regions. The measure was implemented at the request of the Paraguayan Television Broadcasters Chamber (Catelpar). According to the ABC Color website, Catelpar expressed that TV channels ‘are not ready to face the analog blackout, and neither are the Paraguayan households, since around 80% still have analogue devices and should use decoders (STBs) that are about USD 12’.