Colombian Government to invest more than USD 80 million in State’s FTA TV channels

The Colombian Government announced a COL$ 291,500 million (USD 85.2 million) investment, focused on the country’s public TV modernization and new content production, that will be made by Information and Communications Technologies Ministry (MinTIC).

The announced figure means a 9% increase in relation to the previous year. According to the ICT Minister Sylvia Constain, from the total investment to be made this year, COL $ 200 million (USD 58.4 million) will be allocated to strengthen  public media and the beginning of the deployment of phase 5 secondary DTT network, and COL $ 91.5 billion (USD 26.7 million) will focus on content, calls, training, audience measurement tools and RTVC Play, among others.

‘2020 is a year to consolidate what we are doing to strengthen public TV. This commitment requires budget and talent, so, from MinTIC, we will boost the work with the Colombian audiovisual sector and articulate the necessary efforts so that productions reflect all Colombians interests and heritage’, said Constain.