Colombia to open bid for third private Free-to-Air TV channel and will sell Canal Uno


The National Television Authority (Antv) of Colombia announced through a press release that it will finally open two bids for, on the one hand, auction the frequency spectrum to create a third private Free-to-Air TV of nationwide coverage and, on the other hand, sell Canal Uno to a single owner.


After years of dilation, the process for a new signal will begin in May and the license will be awarded in the same month but of 2017. Interested companies cannot have more than 40% foreign share. The unique concession for Canal Uno will be awarded in October 2016.


“During this past year we have worked to overcome obstacles in the two processes and today the feasibility to give more alternatives to Colombian television is a reality: more entertainment, education, culture, sports; generally, more quality content”, stated Antv Director, Angela Maria Mora.


“The national Government is betting on a better TV deal for citizens, not only with public TV, also with the private sector. Advertising is sufficient to allow the existence of a third channel and a Canal Uno managed by a single company and this will bring more opportunities for citizens”, expressed on his behalf the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia, David Luna.