CNN Brazil to include TV Everywhere platform

CNN Brazil announced through a post on its official social networks that it will have a TV Everywhere platform, called ‘CNN Brasil GO’. The news channel will be launched in the country on March 9th and, since its arrival announcement in the country, it was anticipated that the TV network would be a multiplatform news channel.

Apart from accessing through pay TV operators, CNN Brazil social networks reported that the news channel will have audiovisual and press content available on, and through the ‘CNN Brazil’ app, which will be available on App Store and Google Play. The channel will also have its official social networks, which will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, where, in all cases, it will be identified as ‘CNN Brazil’.

CNN Brazil GO will be accessible from computers and mobile devices, although the channel did not mention whether it will be available on smart TVs. So far, the news channel will be available on the Brazilian pay-TV operators Claro and Sky programming grids.