Claro’s CEO denounces STB piracy increase

Paulo Cesar Texeira, Claro’s CEO, denounced a fast increasing spread of piracy of its STBs and demanded the Brazilian Association of Subscription Television (ABTA) to be more rigorous in its work to stop these types of crimes.

“We expect the market to move towards a usage correction, so there is no harmful interference from pirated boxes. We are very concerned about it. ABTA has acted in this regard, but it seems that there is a certain ‘leniency’ in the sense that the content providers themselves should be much more active in this market”, the president of the company said in the Telebrasil Panel webinar.

In addition, he explained that the piracy of the equipment generates “unfair competition” and he remarked his request to the authorities to take stricter measures. With regard to Claro’s STBs, Texeira announced the recent launch of an IPTV STB and said that a TV application will soon be added to it that “will facilitate consumption”.