Claro to launch streaming box with access to TV channels and OTTs in Brazil

The Brazilian company Claro (America Móvil) announced that it is about to launching a new STB, which will be called ‘Claro Streaming Box’. The information was published on several specialized Brazilian websites, including Tecnoblog, which had access to the user manual for the new product, which was manufactured by Sagemcom.

According to Tecnoblog, the new STB will allow access to linear TV channels and content from OTTs such as Now, Netflix, Looke, Paramount+ and others. In addition, it will reproduce 4K content. The device must be connected to each TV and to a broadband internet service, with a 10 mbps minimum speed. The internet supplier does not necessarily needs to be Claro or Net. In addition, it will be possible to pause live programming, restart a program or record content.

Although up to now the price of the product is unknown, it will be granted to customers as a loan, with which, in case the customer chooses to cancel their monthly subscription, they must return the device. In Uruguay, the Antel telco recently launched a new STB called ‘Antel Box’, which enables access to Netflix, YouTube and Vera TV.