Claro Brazil’s complaint against Fox and Turner reaches final arguments

Complaint made by Claro Brazil at Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), where it questioned Fox and Turner’s  direct-to-consumer model, continues its course. The agency’s technical area gave a 10 day period for the reported companies to present their final arguments, starting from the allegations reception.

Anatel can formulate a technical position until the end of February. After that, the case must be taken by  Anatel Specialized Prosecutor’s Office and, due to the relevance of the case, it will surely be analyzed by the agency Board of Directors.

In December 2018, Claro Brazil made a complaint at Anatel, where it stated that  Fox + (Fox) and Deporte Interactivo Plus (Turner) offered linear and live content by OTT, but charged a subscription, which did not agree with points made in Conditional Access Law (SeaC). It was sanctioned in 2011 under N° 12,485, and does not allow cross ownership between content production and distribution (which means that content producing companies can not provide telecommunications services, and the other way too), and other obligations.

If Turner and Fox want to distribute content through streaming, they should be telecommunication providers, which is prohibited by Seac’s Law.