Claro Brazil incorporates Cindie, DMD’s OTT

Claro Brazil integrated Cindie, DMD International‘s subscription service, to its television and audiovisual content offering. The management was carried out by Stenna, which recently partnered with the distributor to do business in the Brazilian territory.

The new addition brings a wide catalogue of independent films and series. In addition, it offers the option of being purchased as an additional pay TV package or as an OTT. In this way, Claro Brasil customers will be able to enjoy it both from channel 1 of the service and from the Now platform.

Fabio Buhr, Director of International Expansion and Operations at Stenna, explained that Cindie is offered from small ISPs to large telecommunications companies in Brazil. In addition to Claro, the service is already available in the country through Samsung TV Plus, Roku, Locke, and Amazon Fire TV.

Finally, Buhr remarked that part of Cindie’s success is due to the fact that it serves a consumer niche, that of independent productions, which continues to grow constantly