Cinepolis Klic adds The Simpsons before Disney+ launches in Latin America

Mexican OTT Cinepolis Klic reported it is adding The Simpsons seasons to its catalog, content that, as expected, would be exclusive of Disney+, the Disney platform launched in November and scheduled to arrive at Latin America this year. 

Before the launch of Disney+, executives from the company reported that The Simpsons would be exclusive of the platform. For this reason, the Simpsons World platform stopped operating in the US, and Hulu, of whom Disney has full control after an agreement with Comcast, is adding chapters of the current season, number 31, which is being broadcast on Fox.

In Mexico, Cinepolis Klic added The Simpsons thirtieth  season on January 17th, which consists of 23 half-hour episodes. The platform reported that the previous seasons will be added gradually.