Cinemax becomes the first interactive channel in Latin America

Cinemax revealed an investment it’s made into a second-screen technology, which promises to change the way people engage with both brands and TV. This next-generation interactive scanning technology enables users to easily scan a small marker on their TV screen, quickly connecting them to actionable content. The technology was presented in São Paulo last October and is anticipated to go live March 2020.

The application, tentatively named ‘Qube’, will allow viewers to interact with the content they’re watching on Cinemax, simply by scanning a colored marker that will appear during programming and breaks with their mobile device. The scan will trigger swift access to content, from either CINEMAX or the brands featured on the channel. All content featured will aim to deliver exclusive value for the viewer. Some examples of second screen experiences include discount coupons, presales of products and services, brand storytelling, editorial content, behind-the-scenes content, and much more.

Cinemax’s new feature is a color-based tagging technology, featuring advanced image recognition algorithms and using a combination of colors that can be scanned quickly, from a distance, and from a variety of angles. The technology also adapts to external conditions such as changing light or low marker resolution. 

‘We are very honored to be able to revolutionize the way we engage with our audience. We’re also very eager to work with this solution within the advertising space, offering the immersive power of TV content desired by brands, but expanded to the digital world. We want our future advertising partners to be able to interact and establish effective connections with our audience,” says Renata Lorena, VP of HBO Latin America Advertising Sales.