Cinemark launches ‘Cine Online’, new TVOD OTT with films, in Argentina and Chile

Due to the closure of cinemas because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Cinemark cinemas network has recently launched ‘Cine Online’, a new streaming platform that offers films that have not been able to be released on movie theaters so far. The initiative was recently launched in Chile, and is now also available in Argentina, as reported by several specialized websites. The new Cinemark platform is a project developed by the Cining company, belonging to the Chilean film distributor BF Distribution

Online Cinema titles are available under a transactional model (TVOD). In Chile, titles available are ‘Monsieur & Madame Adelman’; ‘El agente topo’; ‘No mataras’; ‘Yes, God, Yes’ and ‘El diablo detras de la puerta’ Each film is available to be rented for CH $ 3,990 (USD 5). Also, in Argentina, the list of titles is reduced to ‘No mataras’ and ‘Yes, God, Yes’; each available for AR $ 320 (USD 4).

Those who enter the platform will be able to watch the titles they have rented a 72-hours period from the date of the rental, and they will be able to access them up to three times. Devices enabled to watch Cine Online titles are computers, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, iPad, Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV Stick (Amazon). As reported, the catalog will include titles of various genres, and from countries such as the US, France, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, and others.