Play continues to grow and recorded more than one million subscribers in 2018

As reported by the Argentine Cinema and Audiovisual Arts National Institute (INCAA) on its Yearbook 2018, Play, the free OTT platform created by the entity, recorded 1,277,810 total subscribers, according to data from ARSAT as of last year’s December 31st. The reports also gave details of TV and Estrenos, also provided by INCAA.

‘In 2018 we consolidated the link with our international audience and added new subscribers worldwide. Through our free VOD platform, we reached thousand of people who could enjoy Argentine audiovisual content from different countries’, the report details. According to the INCAA, Play recorded 455,477 downloads on iOS and Android systems, and one million hours watched during last year. In addition, the report informed that the OTT’s more watched fiction content totaled 11,651,412. Consumption trends indicated on the INCAA’s 2018 yearbook related to Play reports that 60% belongs to movies, 24% to series, and the remaining 16% to short films. At the same time, according to their genre, the most watched feature films were dramatic ones, followed by comedy, documentaries, romance and police ones.

In regard to TV, the FTA TV channel aimed to broadcast nationally produced films, INCAA reported that it reached  11,290,000 homes only in Argentina in 2018, ‘With twenty fours hours of Argentine cinema, series and short films programming, without advertisement and in HD quality, the channel ranked seventh in national watchers preferences, above Sony, I-Sat, HBO and others’. they officially explained.

The report also refers to Estrenos, which it describes as ‘a cutting-edge TVOD experience in the world’, and broadcasts movies at the same time they are shown in movie theatres. In 2018, the platform published 140 premieres, each one available for an eight-week period.