Chile’s WOM launches new streaming pay TV service with add-on system

WOM, the Chilean telecommunications company, launched its new streaming pay TV service, WOM TV, which, according to the advertisements for the product, will allow the user to choose which channels to pay under an add-on modality. The platform will be available from any device with internet access and will have its own application within WOM TV Box, the company’s STB that enables the Smart TV function on any television.

Customers will be able to choose between the basic plan, which has 15 national channels, and the extended plan, which offers 44 signals, including sports, children’s and news. After acquiring one of the two bases, they will be able to add the amount of premium signals and streaming services they want, among which are TNT Sports HD, Fox Sports Premium, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Starzplay.

In this way, subscribers will be freed from having to pay for content that is not of their interest, and will be able to add any of the additional packages paying an extra cost for each one.

“With WOM TV we want to give the client the power to choose what they want to watch, with a much more flexible and accessible offer, and with the option of adding different premium content as well as international channels to the initial package”, Sebastián Precht, CMO of WOM, explained. “This national launch reflects our commitment to democratize the pay television service and always deliver the best content to all of our clients”, he added.