Chilean TV networks reach 16% migration to DTT

Chilean TV networks are moving along analog blackout, which will take place in 2020, and where channels must have all they concessions migrated to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

According to data from Chilean National Television Council (CNTV), Chilevisión was one of the channels with the greatest evolution in this process. It owns 63 concessions and has already migrated 16, adding 25.3%. La Red,  which leads migrations, reaches 57% and migrated 12 of its 21 concessions. And TVN, which owns 124, the largest number of all channels, only migrated 11 and reached an advance of 8.8%, the lowest of all networks. These figures show that from 381 concessions of national channels, only 64 are registered, which means an advance of 16.8%. The other 83.2% is working on its implementation for 2020, and regional and local channels reach 38.6%.

‘FTA TV is going to a complex moment, from the business model’s point of view. Technological convergence has made other actors enter to compete with the industry, and that has ment a fall in advertising levels. TV is going through a difficult period that had not made possible all investments to implement this technological advance. However, it is time to fulfill it, because this process bring several changes for citizens’, pointed Catalina Parot, CNTV president, and she added that ‘it can not be possible that this industry lefts behind in this technological advance’.

In addition, Council is responsible for the 88 new regional, local and community Chilean channels delivery. From them, 34 were delivered and adjudicated, 23 were declared null and there are 31 in application. However, Chilean law demands digitizing the country completely.   Where DTT does not arrive, channels must  deliver kits to receive satellite broadcasts.

‘As all FTA TV broadcasts arrive through this stuff, we believe that it is entirely possible to coordinate networks to buy and deliver the kit’, says Parrot, who was already set conversations with Anatel and Arcatel, and in the next few days  they will start talking with Municipalities Association in order to be able to coordinate this digital broadcast reception kit’s purchase and delivery.