Chilean TV channels want to postpone analog blackout for April 2025

Chilean National TV Association (Anatel) asked the Telecommunications Sub-Secretary (Subtel)  to extend for five more years the deadline to develop the analogue blackout in that country. Analog broadcasts end were originally planned for April 2020. The request is based on Law 20,750, which establishes that one year before the deadline, it is possible to ask for a new one and postpone it. Subtel must give an answer before the end of April.

According to data from the National Television Council (CNTV), by the end of 2018 only 16.7% of the industry (64 of 381 concessions) had completed the migration. For this reason, president of Anatel, Ernesto Corona, asked the Telecommunications sub secretary, Pamela Gidi, to extend DTT migration by 2025. Delays in the State and in technical projects presentations were the main reasons for the decision.

Anatel pointed to ‘the delay in several complementary regulations issuance to DTV Law enactment, which impacted on the digitization program and investment planning’. According to the agency, ‘the State is responsible for at least three and a half years in the delay, not to dictate the rules and regulations necessary to develop the digitalization’, added to the year and a half that was spent on technical projects.

Apart from confirming the request review, Subtel remained that the DTT migration process must have infrastructure and broadcasting systems in all Chilean cities, which will be financed with CNTV funds.