Chilean series ‘La Jauria’ to have a second season on Amazon Prime Video

Fremantle, Fabula and Amazon Prime Video announced last Thursday that the Chilean psychological thriller ‘La Jauria’, officially released on the platform on July 10th, will have a second season. The first one lasts eight one-hour episodes and is available for watching it in Latin America and Spain.

As officially reported from Prime Video, the first season focuses on the story of the disappearance of a girl in a Catholic school, who organizes a protest and unknowingly becomes the center of a police investigation that shares a deadly online game, in which men are recruited to commit aggressive acts against women, which comes to light when a video of her own experience goes viral after she disappears.

The series is directed by Argentine writer, director and screenwriter Lucia Puenzo; and its production is in charge of Fabula and Fremantle. The latter also manages its global distribution. 

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime Video announced a production plan for four Amazon Originals to take place in Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. The titles announced were ‘Iossi, el espía arrepentido’ (Argentina); ‘La Jauria’ and ‘Colonia Dignidad’ (Chile); while in Colombia the production of ‘Historia de un secuestro’, adaptation of the best seller by writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, will take place.