Chile to update TV audience measurement system and include on demand consumption in 2022

As reported by La Cuarta and other specialized websites in Chile, the country will change the way it measures TV programs audiences, and will leave behind the people meter system, which has been implemented in the country since 1991, starting in 2022. As part of the change, a tender will be opened in order to update  TV audiences measurement methods  and include on demand content consumption.

‘The current system is working well, but we believe that there are technological alternatives that should be explored, which include a larger or more representative sample (of audiences), as well as measuring all the consumption ways that are available today in FTA TV consumption, whether linear or non-linear’, they reported from Chile’s FTA TV Technical Commission, made up of several FTA TV channels in the country, such as Chilevision, TVN, Canal 13, Mega, TV+, La Red and Telecanal.

According to the information reported by La Cuarta and other Chilean websites, the current audience measurement system includes 600 households, distributed in selected cities in Chile, including Gran Santiago; Concepcion; Temuco; Antofagasta and Valparaiso. According to La Cuarta, who quotes local website La Segunda, some of the companies that are part of the tender are Nielsen, GFK, Ipsos, Kantar Ibope Media – the company that currently performs audience measurements in the country- and Chilean Exacta Research.

According to the information reported, this Friday, February 5th, is the deadline for interested companies to present their initiatives. The winner’s company will be announced in early March. Later, starting in September, an initial trial of the new audience measurement methods will be developed and, from January 1st, 2022, the new system will start being implemented. However, from Bio Bio Chile they report that the dates could change due to issues related to the Coronavirus pandemic.