Chile to start DTT migration process in 2024 with more demands for TV channels

After a month of conversations between FTA channels and Chilean Communications Subsecretary (Subtel), Chilean Government put off the analog blackout for April 2024. According to industry authorities, TV channels presented several arguments to delay the initial date, which was agreed for April 2020, and Subtel fixed a schedule to follow with greater demands to implement the DTT migration process.

Subtel established that the channels will have a one-year deadline -starting  from the Supreme Decree publication- to make technical projects presentations to develop the analogue blackout. It also demanded to have a concessions migration table, which is responsible for reporting the updated annual progress made. The table requires that 30% of each channel outstanding concessions has to be digitized in the first year. By the second one, 50% should be digitized; the third must follow 80% and 100% in the fourth year. The purpose of following this scheme is that, by April 2022, all capital cities have digital TV, including Easter and Juan Fernandez Islands, to ensure that 80% of the Chilean population has access to DTT.

Television National Association (Anatel), on behalf of Chilean channels, demanded an additional five-years period for DTT. The extension also asked to consider the five previous years it took to prepare rejected concession projects. At present, migrated concessions are 20.7%. Chilevision is the most advanced channel, followed by Channel 13.