Chile moves forward against illegal sports content broadcasts

Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), through its Crimes Against Intellectual Property Brigade, raided two households in the country, where equipment used to broadcast sports events from the and websites was found. Two of those responsibles were arrested for violating both Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Laws. The websites offered sports content from several pay TV channels, such as the Chilean Football Channel (CDF), ESPN, Fox Sports and others.

The investigation process began in 2017, when a pay TV network made a complaint against both websites administrators and owners, which had about 1.6 million monthly visits, with earnings estimated at USD 8.5 million. At the same time, websites used to record about 600 thousand people online and, from their Twitter accounts, announced that they had had a copyright complaint.

‘Several STBs were found in the raids, connected to broadcasting systems, video capturers, computers and cell phones, all used to commit various crimes, proceeding to their seizure’, they explained from the Alliance Against Pay TV Piracy.

According to the BioBio Chile website, Gianpaolo Peirano, one of the Alliance’s members, explained that ‘piracy damages pay TV operators, harms authors and creators, these industry’s workers and, of course, subscribers, who are completely unprotected against this criminal gangs. This type of crime is not only about TV network’s thefts, but also taxes are not paid, so everyone becomes harmed’.