Chile loses more than 15 thousand pay TV subscribers this year

A report made by the Chilean Telecommunications Subsecretary (Subtel) informed that, as of June 2019, Chilean pay TV subscribers totaled 3.14 million, a figure that represents a 1.3% decrease in comparison to the same month last year. The number also means a 0.5% reduction in relation to pay TV subscribers recorded in December 2018.  

Figures presented by Subtel also show that, as of December 2018, total pay TV subscribers was 3,329,543, which means a 15,431 loss in this market, that is taking place for the fourth consecutive quarter.  

‘Pay TV is stagnant, although we have an exponencial paid and non-paid content platforms growth, complementary to it’, said Pamela Gidi, Chilean Communications Subsecretary. ‘People watch more and more hours of content, but more and more audiovisual consumption content platforms are available. That means that, in addition to FTA and pay TV, there are social media platforms, free videos and others such as Amazon Prime Video -and others-, that are competing in some way with pay TV’, she explained. 

According to Subtel’s report, VTR is leading the market with 32.9% of market share. DirecTV ranks second, with 20.9%, followed by Movistar (17.9%), while Claro, Entel and Mundo Pacifico recorded a 12%; 4,8% and 4,2%, respectively. Telefonica del Sur concentrated a 3.3% of the market, and other operators totaled the remaining 3.9%.