Chile launches new TVOD OTT focused on theatre

According to what several specialized websites in Chile have recently reported, ‘Escenix Play’, a new TVOD OTT with theatre plays as the main attraction, was recently launched with both local and international titles. The platform’s initial catalog includes 30 titles, although it will gradually add more. Access can be made through the payment of CH $ 3,990 (USD 5) for each title, which can be watched for a 48-hours period.

‘Since our launch in March, 10 months have passed, in which we have gone through different stages until reaching this moment in which our audience is offered the possibility of watching shows whenever and wherever they want, paying a small rent. It is a great achievement, because we have managed to make it work technically well, protecting the artist’s copyrights and giving audiences a first-selection billboard’, explains Patricia Rivadeneira, Escenix Co-founder.

The initiative includes international titles from the production company Scenikus, such as ‘Pachamama’; ‘The Pack’; ‘Chaplin XXL’; ‘Osceanus’ and ‘El sueño de Lorca’. Also included are original Escenix productions, including ‘La secreta obscenidad de cada dia’; ‘La iguana de Alessandra’; ‘Replica’ and ‘Xuarez’. It will also be possible to access external productions, such as ‘El Dylan’, ‘Mocha Dick’; ‘Jeremy Buton’ and ‘Amores de Cantina’.

The platform also plans to offer content in different genres, such as drama, comedy, and music and family content. There will also be contemporary dance pieces, concerts and stand-up shows.