Chile launches new platform to cancel telecommunications offers

Chilean National Consumer Service (SERNAC) announced on June 11th the launch of the ‘Me Quiero Salir’ platform, which it defined as ‘a tool available to consumers so that they can expressly and clearly request the term of one or more subscriptions for the telecommunications services provision  that have been ran with a company’.

According to the information provided by SERNAC, the platform will allow clients to cancel telecommunications offers subscriptions within one business day. Lucas Del Villar, National Director of the entity, explained that the aim of the tool is ‘to eliminate the barriers that keep consumers tied to services they do not want’. Likewise, he expressed that ‘today, more than ever, this platform, which allows to finish telecommunications subscriptions without having to go to a branch or contact the company, is useful’, adding that Chileans ‘are using the internet and telecommunications services in confinement, and this platform will allow them to finish their subscriptions to choose the best option’. 

Through ‘Me Quiero Salir’, customers will be able to request the cancellation of telecommunications offers, including telephony, internet and pay TV ones, and companies will have a one business day to access the request. The SERNAC Director also indicated that ‘companies should compete by offering better offers and services to consumers, and not retain those who wish to choose a more convenient alternative or want to stop receiving the service’. In case companies do not respect their clients decisions, SERNAC will notify the Chilean Telecommunications Subsecretary (SUBTEL), and the regulator will apply a fine of between CH$ 252 thousand and CH$ 50 million, that is, between USD 318 and USD 63 thousand.