Chile extends term of new plan to provide mobile phone, internet and pay TV services to those most affected by the Coronavirus

Chilean Transport and Telecommunications Ministry (MTT) and telecommunications regulator Subtel announced an agreement with operators in the country, such as Movistar, Entel, Claro, VTR and Grupo GTD, together with Wom, Mundo Pacifico and CMET, to extend the Solidarity Connectivity Plan launched in April for 30 days. The initiative aims to provide benefits for Chilean citizens, allowing to keep them connected during the quarantine period that is taking place in the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

With the announcement, the plan, which began to be implemented in April, will be extended for 90 days and will be available throughout June, except for DirecTV clients in Chile, for whom it will run until the 18th this month. Gloria Hutt, of Transport and Telecommunications Minister in Chile, explained that the aim of this benefit lies in ‘generating relief for people affected by the economic impact caused by this contingency’.

The Solidarity Connectivity Plan has a minimum fixed internet provision of 2 Mbps broadband access. In the prepaid mobile phone offer, access to certain social networks and government sites is included for free. For postpaid customers, meanwhile, 300 minutes are guaranteed for free use, together with 50 SMS and data with a 256 Kbps speed, also with free access to certain social networks and government sites. As officially reported by Subtel, between April 1st and May 26th, nearly 11 million pre and postpaid users joined the plan’s benefits. In the case of prepaid users, Claro, Entel, Movistar and Wom have activated the Solidarity Plan for their entire customer base, which reaches 10.9 million in total. Likewise, postpaid users requested 32.3 thousand Solidarity Plans. Of this total, 24,882 mobile phone; 5,134 Internet and 2,342 pay TV subscribers activated it.