Children’s musical channel Lolly Kids TV is now available in Latin America

After launching in Spain, the children’s music channel Lolly Kids TV (Mimyuni Media Entertainment) announced its arrival in Latin America, with Panama as the first country, where it has been available since March for Cable Onda clients. In addition, the channel was also launched in Albania, through the IPTV operator Tibo.

‘Lolly Kids makes its first steps in the Latin world, but is already attracting a lot of interest andMimyuni’s team is negotiating with several TV operators in the area’, they reported from Mimyuni, and they confirmed that, at present, the kids channel is available worldwide and reaches viewers in more than 40 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, and has started its Latin American expansion in Panama.

‘We are very happy that Lolly Kids is rapidly getting closer to what is meant to be: a global kid music TV that support the talented children from all over the world. There are many children who can sing, dance or play music instruments, they all need a platform to show their talent and we are glad we can be a bit of a help for them. We will continue to provide the channel for TV operators for free’, said Mimyuni Media Entertainment CEO, Nick Nikolov.