CEO of Telecom Argentina assures that Flow Flex “will make the client independent from the network”

Roberto Nobile, CEO of Telecom Argentina, announced that Flow Flex, the future version of Flow for users who do not have the company’s Internet service, “will make the customer independent from the network“, so that they will be able to buy the STB in retail or through their e-commerce store. “With this, Flow will have a life of its own beyond the network. It will even be important for regionalization”, he explained.

Previously, the operator had already taken a step towards independence when it launched Flow Now, the “pure” OTT that enables subscription to the app for mobile devices, without the need to acquire the full pay TV service with the STB. However, it is still an exclusive offer for network customers.

In an interview with the Argentine newspaper El Cronista, Nobile also stated that Flow concentrates 25% of the telco’s revenues, and that after the transformation of the brand to Personal and Flow as connectivity and pay television providers, they are now committed to reinforcing the relationship with its customers through e-commerce and its self-management platform.