CentroAmerica TV broadcasts Salvadoran Major League’s defining matches

CentroAmerica TV, a channel offered to Central Americans living in the US, announced that it will broadcast the Salvadoran Major Football League’s Semifinals and Finals. The competition’s Semifinals are being developed at present, and are starred by Alianza, Sonsonate, Club Deportivo FAS and Santa Tecla football teams.

The Salvadoran Major League’s Semifinals began yesterday, with the match played between Sonsonate and Alianza teams, which did not score goals . Santa Tecla and Club Deportivo FAS will play today, and matches between Alianza and Sonsonate and FAS against Santa Tecla are both scheduled for next Sunday, December 15th. Once the Semifinals of the competition are finished, the two best teams will meet in the Final, which will be on December 22nd.

‘Sports can beat everything, and football, specifically, being the most popular sport in the world, is unifier like no other’, said Francisco Gimenez, Senior VP and Cable Channels General Manager at Hemisphere Media Group, of which Central America TV is a subsidiary. ‘(Football) evokes a passion and patriotism sense among global and local audiences. For this reason, we are always pleased to bring these captive and adrenaline-filled games to the Central American community based in the US, and serve as a connection with both their native countries, and with the teams they love’, the executive added.

Apart from the Salvadoran Major Football League, CentroAmerica TV also broadcasts football competitions in Honduras, Costa Rica and other countries in the region.