CDMX cancels audiovisual productions until August 9th

This Monday, June 1st, Mexico City’s Filming Commission published an official statement for the audiovisual community in the Mexican capital, in which it reports that the film and audiovisual area’s activities will remain cancelled until next August 9th.

The announced measure is part of the Fifth and Sixth Agreement, by which, until the already mentioned date, administrative procedures will remain cancelled to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the guidelines for the Gradual Plan  towards a new normality are established, respectively.

For all these reasons, the Mexican City Filming Commission reported that it will not operate and ‘will not be able to receive any requests and documentation, regarding authorizations and notices processings, or any other administrative procedure, as film and audiovisual production is not considered within essential activities’. Apart from audiovisual production, all non-essential activities will remain cancelled in CDMX, in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

In addition, from June 1st, the initiative to tax digital platforms operating in Mexico with 16% VAT came into effect. A similar measure was taken in Chile since the same date, but, in this second case, the VAT tax is 19%. In Mexico, however, Amazon Prime Video announced that its subscribers will not be affected by the tax collection, since the OTT includes it in the monthly subscription paid by its clients since 2017, when Prime Video was officially launched in the country.