CDF sued by Sernac over streaming outages

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) of Chile filed a class action against El Canal del Fútbol (CDF) over Estadio CDF’s streaming outages during the match between Colo Colo and Universidad Catolica.

On that occasion, Sernac received 271 claims about the problems, which prevented users from accessing the transmission of the derby match. Sernac said in a statement that CDF “violated the Consumer Rights Protection Act by failing to comply with the conditions offered, agreed and contracted, on a service by which consumers paid, causing harm to them with its negligent act.”

This class action comes after a satisfactory solution has not been found for the affected consumers during the collective mediation that Sernac and the company have already carried out. Sernac said that it seeks to ensure that all consumers who are affected by the problem are adequately compensated and that justice applies to the company the corresponding fines for their failure to the Consumer Rights Protection Act.


The failures registered in the streaming services, in particular sports, usually generate the complaint of the users, who use the official organisms but also the social networks to report the problems.