CDF must give a refund to its subscribers for not having broadcasted football in the country

Due to the different claims made by the Chilean Football Channel (CDF) subscribers for not broadcasting football matches in the country because of its current social situation, the country’s National Consumer Service (Sernac) decided to request the Turner channel to refund its subscribers for the non-provision of services. 

According to what Sernac reported to the local newspaper El Mercurio, ‘in case that companies do not provide the services according to subscribers hirings, clients have the right to be refunded proportionally to the time period football has been suspended’.

In addition,  Sernac indicated that it is officiating companies from different markets that have cancelled their services due to the emergency in Chile, in order to inform how they will make the refunds and the way in which clients have been informed, and stated that ‘CDF is included in the measure’

The Chilean National Professional Football Association (ANFP) reported that Chilean football will resume its activities this week, and indicated that the country’s current situation was taken into account, and the key issue will be to prioritize safety of football players, fans and everyone involved in the activity. CDF broadcast  the entire Professional Football Championship in the country.