CDF adds new National B Division’s matches

Chilean Football Channel (CDF)  has added a new National B Division match to its live broadcasts, and totalizes two from the promotion that will be seen on the CDF Basic network. The channel inaugurated the modality by broadcasting matches between Santiago Morning and Copiapó, and Valdivia against Rangers, for the seventh fixture date.

 Gustavo Minaker, Sales and Distribution SVP for Turner in Latin America, said that the incorporation of this new National B match on  CDF Basic live programming ‘is a clear example of our commitment with the promotion championship’. He also insisted on aiming that ‘more people can enjoy the passion lived the National B and, for this reason, we broadcast the matches on CDF Basic, where teams have a wider and more powerful coverage to show the quality developed among the teams that are struggling to climb the First Division’.

Apart from broadcasting the previous mentioned matches, the channel also  includes ‘National B Goals’, a special program broadcasted on Sundays, with a summary and the best of the fixture date.