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Lannuzel: ‘The final challenge is to have a full IP platform until the disappearance of STBs’

Another of the virtual panels that took place during the last Nextv Series South America edition was entitled How the new hybrid cable OTT platforms are performing in South America?, in which the key topics of the debate were focused on consumer adoption of the new hybrid / DTH cable with OTT; whether hybrid platforms [...]

Opportunities for AVOD in Latin America to take place on the coming Dataxis virtual panel

After having developed a new Nextv Series South America virtual edition, Dataxis is helding a new virtual panel to debate different issues related to the industry. This time, the panel will focus on Opportunities for AVOD in Latin America. The event is taking place this Tuesday, November 10th at 1:00 PM (ART). Registration is free [...]

Martin Sanchez: ‘In the short term, linear TV channels will not disappear’

The second Nextv Series South Americas panel -virtual conference developed by Dataxis on November 4th and 5th-, was called  OTT Integration in Pay TV. Some of the key topics of the debate were related to challenges and barriers for STBs app integration; add on, carrier billing and partnership models ; and the transition from B2C [...]

Nextv Series South America continues developing its virtual edition with new discussion panels

Dataxis is helding today the second part of Nextv Series South America, leading conference who will start at 9:00 AM (ART). As part of its virtual edition, the first two panels that will take place will focus on various interesting topics for the industry, such as new OTT TV models for ISPs and telcos cooperatives, [...]

New strategies for FTA broadcasters going OTT open the first Nextv Series South America virtual edition

Dataxis is helding the first Nextv Series South America virtual edition, a leading conference that is taking place this Wednesday, November 4th and Thursday, November 5th. The first panel of the event was called Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: new opportunities, in which issues related to SVOD, Freemium and AVOD alternatives were discussed; together with catch [...]

Nextv Series South America strengthens itself as the industry’s leading conference on its first virtual edition

Dataxis will hold today the first day of Nextv Series Argentina, a leading conference that will start at 9:00 AM (ART). In its virtual edition, the two panels that will open the event’s agenda will focus on the strategies of FTA TV broadcasters going  OTT and OTT integration in pay TV. Free registration for operators [...]

Sports rights business and the pandemic impact star in the last Sportv Series Latin America panel

The last panel that took place as part of the Sportv Series Latin America 2020 virtual event,  developed on October 6th and organized by Dataxis, was titled The challenge of sports rights dealings during the pandemia. Some of the key discussion topics hovered around how to negotiate sports broadcasting rights deals in a Covid-19 world; [...]

Darrigues: ‘There is an upward trend in programmatic advertising and it is time for Europe and Latin America to try this technological catch up’

A few days after the coming Nextv Series Argentina & South America edition, Dataxis has held yesterday a new virtual panel, which it called How to build an OTT with zero investment and new ‘revenue streams. The panel was sponsored by SeaChange and featured industry experts such as Gustavo Marra, Vice President, Business Development at [...]

Teatrix expands throughout Latin America and launches in Mexico next week

Dataxis held a new virtual panel on Wednesday, October 29th, called Teatrix boom in Latin America: evolution of OTT services, challenges and opportunities. The panel was sponsored by Verizon Media, and featured Mirta Romay, CEO at Teatrix; Jossi Fresco Benaim, Regional Head of Sales Latin America at Verizon Media Platform; and Alejandro Lacalle, CMO at [...]

New OTTs with ‘zero investment’ and new ‘revenue streams’ star in Dataxis new virtual panel

Before the coming Nextv Series Argentina & South America edition, scheduled for November 4th and 5th, Dataxis will held this Thursday, October 29th at 1:00 PM (ART),  a new virtual panel, called How to build an OTT with zero investment and new revenue streams, and sponsored by SeaChange. Registration can be done for free by [...]