Caracol TV to represent Sabbatical Entertainment titles in Latin America, Africa and Europe

The Colombian FTA TV channel Caracol TV announced it has ran an agreement with the US producer Sabbatical Entertainment, by which the Colombian channel will represent a series of content in Latin America and other regions of the world.

According to the terms of the agreement, titles such as ‘Planeta de niños’; ‘Naturaleza Humana’ and ‘El mundo es tuyo’ , which are currently available on Noggin and Univision and will soon be part of the CBS catalog, will be distributed by Caracol to reach Latin America, Africa and Europe. As officially reported, all the titles of the agreement combine educational and entertainment content, and others.

‘We are living in a moment in which homeschooling has taken on an extremely important role. Caracol TV has been looking for an alliance that allows it to offer edu-tainment content that is aligned with these new dynamics. We are very proud to join with Sabbatical Entertainment, adding this powerful offer into our portfolio’, said Lisette Osorio, VP International Sales at Caracol Television.

Miguel Somoza, CEO at Sabbatical Entertainment, has also expressed himself on the partnership agreement: ‘For Sabbatical Entertainment, this tour de force with Caracol is an honor and a privilege, since they represent part of the best of the entertainment industry, for which the support of its distribution gives even more prestige to our careful productions. We trust on them absolutely, based on a relationship built over the years between colleagues and friends, who are already part of our family’, he said.