Caracol TV to produce premium TV contents in partnership with The Mediapro Studio

Colombian FTA TV channel Caracol TV has announced this Wednesday, January 27th, a partnership with the Spanish company The Mediapro Studio, with the aim of producing premium TV content for the international market. Although the companies did not detail the amount of content that makes up the agreement yet, they reported that the first title is called ‘Las Cheers’.

According to the information reported by the Colombian channel, ‘Las Cheers’ is a 60-episode series that will offer ‘a mix of drama and music focused on the life of a group of cheerleaders from a humble neighborhood, who dream of representing their country in the Olympic Games’. Cheerleading is a physical activity that combines music, dance and gymnastics and, according to Caracol, it is one of the most popular sports in Colombia, together with football and basketball, and has been recognized as an Olympic sport.

‘‘Las Cheers’ will be set in a Bogotan neighborhood, and will show the conflicts of a group of young people with harsh social reality, the uncertainty about their future and the dangers of some temptations when looking for better living conditions’, they reported from Caracol when detailing the plot of the new series. They also announced that the appearance of an athlete who returns from the US to Colombia to create a group of cheerleaders at the school in the area will be received with disbelief by the rest of the students, for whom this sport is considered foreign and not typical of the country, although she will get some of the students to accept the challenge and represent Colombia in the Olympic Games.

‘Caracol Television strengthens its brand worldwide every day, connecting itself with key partners to produce stories that go beyond markets. Working hand in hand with The Mediapro Studio joining creative forces to produce ‘Las Cheers’ shows a step forward in our goals’, said Lisette Osorio, International Sales VP at Caracol Television.

From The Mediapro Studio they have also expressed themselves on the initiative through Juliana Barrera, Head of Content for the company in Colombia. ‘’Las Cheers has all the elements to captivate audiences: love, music, dance and great dreams to be achieved, universal topics for a wide spectrum of audience in line with the style of quality content that we produce at The Mediapro Studio. We are proud that this title is the first announced as part of our partnership with Caracol Television, from which we hope new projects will soon emerge’, the executive reported.