Caracol Television prepares series based on life of Simon Bolivar

Caracol Television announced that it will produce “Bolivar, Una Lucha Admirable”, a new series focused on the life of Venezuelan leader Simon Bolivar, his tastes, his motivations, his personal life and his relationship with Manuelita Saenz.
This is “Latin America’s most ambitious production”, said the company in a press release. “Bolívar, Una Lucha Admirable” tells the story of the leader who at only 47 had fought over 472 battles; was about to die 25 times, liberated six nations, travelled on horseback 123.000 kilometers and was head of state of five nations.
“We are excited to undertake this adventure with the story of a wonderful man as Bolivar,” Caracol Television’s President Gonzalo Cordoba. “To Caracol Television, it is a great challenge to develop this production that represents the most demanding and ambitious one we have ever done.”