Caracol Next reached more than 200 million video playbacks in the last month


Caracol Televisión’s digital unit – called Caracol Next – reported the success of one of its first ventures: the development of digital audiovisual content in short format. In May, it reached more than 200 million playbacks, of all its brands in various platforms.


For this initiative the company launched eight purely digital products: “What People Say”, “Delicromos”, “Shockfá”, “Public Life”, “The BookTuber”, “100 Years 100 Facts”, “El Escpectador’s Drive”, and the second season of “Vox Populi Toons”.


The media company relaunched its business unit under the brand Caracol Next in April. According to the company’s press release, more than 30 chapters have premiered, and they are available on the network of websites run by the unit, and in all social and digital platforms in the market.


Since its relaunching, the company also increased its broadcasts on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. In the last month, around 100 sports, news, music and entertainment events have aired on Facebook Live, and about 50 on YouTube.


Marcelo Liberini, Digital Vice President of Caracol Televisión, stated: “these results are in line with the goal to position and maintain market leadership, a reaction to changing consumer trends and technological innovation, increasingly focused on digital content for audiences and accessible on mobile platforms”.