Canal 13 Chile decreased almost 30% in revenues in Q2 2021 due to pandemic

Canal 13 Chile decreased 28.89% in income from ordinary activities for Q2 2021, compared to the same period of 2020, when it obtained USD 39,009,000. Meanwhile, for June of this year, it only reached USD 27,739,000. As it was explained in the report, the result is due to the effect that the pandemic’s restrictions had on the TV industry.

Canal 13 main income become from the sale of advertising space on open television and digital platforms, pay television businesses (channels 13C and RECTV), content sales to national and foreign clients, the generation of new business, the production and telecommunications services to third parties, the purchase and sale and from the leasing of real estate”, the document details. 

As explained in it, the main cause of the important decrease in Canal 13 Chile’s income is the effect that the Coronavirus pandemic caused on the television industry, which prevented the networks from carrying out different activities with which they previously received significant profits. “This decrease is mainly explained by the sale of properties in the 2020 period that were not repeated for the 2021 period, and by the non-holding of the 2022 Viña Festival“, the report says.