Canal 1 to broadcast Televisa productions in Colombia

Colombian FTA TV channel Canal 1 announced this week an agreement with Televisa, with the aim of strengthening its content catalog and airing productions of the Mexican company in Colombia. The first title announced as part of the partnership is the series ‘La rosa de Guadalupe’, although, as reported by the Colombian channel, the agreement will also include ‘premiere soap operas and successful series in the Latin American market’.

As reported in the agreement, ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ will be an exclusive product of Canal 1, and the agreement includes episodes from the 2020 and 2021 seasons, as well as episodes from previous seasons.

‘FTA TV audiences continue to increase, especially in the last year, and Canal 1 remains committed to providing Colombians with more variety and top-level programming’, said Ramiro Avendaño, President at Canal 1.

Before being available on Canal 1’s screen, ‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’ was already aired in Colombia, through the FTA TV channel RCN. In Mexico, the premiere of its first season took place in February 2008.