California Filmes and Sofa Digital launch ‘Adrenalina Pura’ in Latin America through Apple TV

Brazilian Sofa Digital, owner of the streaming content search website Filmelier, in partnership with film distributor California Filmes, launched this month the SVOD OTT ‘Adrenalina Pura’’, with a catalog of action, adventure, horror and suspense content, available in Latin America through Apple TV.

Officially premiered last October 9th on Apple TV, the OTT brings together action, suspense and horror film titles, and is available in Latin America for a R$9.90 (USD 2) monthly subscription, although the value changes, according to each country in the region. Furthermore, the platform offers its subscribers a seven-day free trial period. Those who wish to access the content must do so through Apple TV.

The Adrenalina Pura catalog brings together titles featuring different acting references, such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banderas, Ryan Reynolds, Al Pacino, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, and others.

As reported by Fabio Lima, CEO & Founder of Sofa Digital, the initiative to launch Adrenalina Pura came from data collected by the company, which reports that action, suspense and horror titles represent 42% of user searches on Filmelier. The executive also said that the website records 3.5 million visitors per month. ‘Whether on SVOD or TVOD, these movies are always part of the most popular titles’, he said.