Cadena H expands itself in Mexico and joins Izzi

The pay TV channel Cadena H has joined Mexican Izzi’s programming and expands its reach in that country. It will also make changes in its programming to consolidate its family offer in pay TV systems. The TV network is already located on Izzi’s channel 75 in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area.

‘Our intention is to become a people’s taste channel, to be a reference in Mexican cable TV. We will expand our programming range to the information side, and will make an effort next year to meet that goal’, informed Sergi Mass, Cadena H’s Director. When asked about the channel’s programming and contents, he said that they will be focused on entertainment, such as musicals, lifestyle, travel and sports, and anticipated that Cadena H will also include new productions and football leagues, boxing and mixed martial arts contents.

 Apart from Cadena H’s incorporation to Izzi, the channel launched its application which, as detailed by Mass, ‘will offer 24 hours a day programming, seven days a week, and every available contents episodes’.