Cablevision to add Amazon Prime Video to Flow STBs

As reported by the specialized website TAVI Latam, the Argentine pay TV operator Cablevision is working to integrate the OTT Amazon Prime Video into its Flow platform. TAVI Latam reported that there is no confirmed launch date up to now, and that the information was reported by Roberto Nobile, Telecom Argentina’s new CEO, in a virtual event that took place this Thursday, June 25th.

Recently, the Argentine pay TV operator Telecentro integrated the Amazon Prime Video app, which can be accessed since this last June 1st. For this, Telecentro clients must have an active subscription to Prime Video, since the pay TV operator does not offer a subscription to the platform. In the case of Cablevision, the Netflix app is integrated into Flow STBs, together with those of YouTube and YouTube Kids. In addition, in November last year, Flow integrated all Netflix content into its search engine.

According to TAVI Latam, Telecom Argentina has not reported if any of the two already described modalities (integration of the app or content integration in the Flow search engine) will be the one that will be applied for Amazon Prime Video. However, in its Q1 2020 quarterly earnings release videoconference, Telecom mentions that its networks are ready to manage Amazon traffic.